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Exercise for Healthy Joints
Joints are located where two bones meet and they give our skeleton flexibility, without them our bodies simply wouldn’t be able to move.

Fish Oils Prevent Brain Atrophy Due to Aging
A lack of EPA+DHA leads to impaired brain function and plays a major role in attention deficit disorder, depression, and other psychological disturbances. EPA+DHA supplementation has been shown to improve these very same conditions. In addition, a new study has confirmed that importance of a higher dietary intake of EPA+DHA prevents the brain atrophy associated with aging and reduced mental function.
Bowel Illnesses Sometimes Coincide in Kids
Children suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are four times more likely than other kids to have a condition called celiac disease -- an allergy to gluten -- Italian researchers report.
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Multipurpose vinegar
A splash of vinegar perks up soups, stews, and salads, reduces the oiliness of fish and French fries, and is the central ingredient in salad dressings. The level of acidity in commercial vinegars makes them useful in preserving food, as bacteria cannot grow in strong acid. The acidity also enhances the flavor of food, so use it often.

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